Anthony Roots and Branches

In collaboration with Larry Anthony and Brad Anthony (who supplied the PDF files) I have posted PDF files composed of scanned copies of photocopies of the original manuscript pages of Anthony Roots & Branches by Nancy Vasti Anthony Jacob. There is also a re-transcribed and slightly edited and expanded MS Word document of the "Unattached Branches" chapter.

Larry Anthony has been given permission in writing by the author's estate and family to republish and distribute this work, and, in fact, there is no copyright on the material nor is there any copyright notice anywhere in the document. The author was anxious to spread the information as widely as possible and that is what we have started with the hope that others will add their information as well.
Please let me know if you find these documents useful. They have been on this site for many years and I have never known whether anyone has even accessed them much less find them valuable. If you are an Anthony, I would especially be happy to hear from you.

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