Android Apps from LaserUp! Software

For the last few years I've been writing apps for Android devices, originally for Android phones, but now also for Android tablets. The Android operating system has evolved during this time to be an extremely powerful and feature rich platform for both end users and developers.

I've always been a "do-it-yourself" type person, and all the apps I've created, even before these Android apps, have been originally conceived out of some sort of personal need or just the plain simple desire to learn "how to do it." This includes my early (1997) "LaserUp! Simple Calendar" for Windows (that had over 30,000 downloads as shareware) that I used myself for many years to my most recent "GigBagLogger" that is extremely handy for keeping track of things like income, expenses and mileage for my musical career.

The items below are all available on the Android Market at very reasonable prices. GigBagLogger, my most recent, is available as a Demo. See the instructions directly below to download the demo to your Android phone or tablet.

Tapping on each app name below will take you to the help/description page for each.



To download the Demo version of GigBagLogger:

  1. First, open "Settings" on your phone or tablet and tap the "Applications" item.

  2. In the Applications section, make sure "Unknown sources" is checked. Otherwise you will not be able to install the Demo because it is not directly from the Google Android Market. You can uncheck the "Unknown sources" after downloading and installing the Demo.

  3. Next, from your phone or tablet browser, go to (or click on it right here) and click on "free Demo Version." This will automatically download the installer file to your device.

  4. You will see the "downloaded item" icon in your notifications. Tap the "GigBagLogger.apk" in the notifications.

  5. Install the app and try it out!

  6. You are limited to one Log File and five entries in that file in the Demo. If you try to add a second log file or a sixth entry, you will see a dialog with the option to get the full version of GigBagLogger directly from the Google Android Market. I hope you do!


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