Current Regulars
Scott Anthony Leader/Banjo
Bill Maginnis Drums
Jim Maihack Tuba, sometimes piano
Bob Hirsch Piano
John Hunt Trombone/Vocals
Gary Reynolds Trombone/Flugelbone
Jim Rothermel Reeds
Bob Schulz Cornet/Vocals
John Moore Tuba (now occasional)
Bob Neighbor Trumpet/Cornet emeritus
Mike Starr Trombone emeritus
Due to occasional conflicts, we have asked our good friends and great musicians Dick Bowman (Tuba), Bob Neighbor (Trumpet/Cornet), and Leon Oakley (Cornet) to help us out. We've also had the pleasure of working with the great Jim Goodwin (cornet)who passed away in April of 2009. In the past we have also had the pleasure of working with Dean Hubbard from Oakland on Trombone.

South Bay Jazz Club 2008
From left to right:
Gary Reynolds/Jim Maihack/Bill Maginnis/Scott Anthony/Bob Hirsch/Bob Schulz/Jim Rothermel
Photo by Gene Mondro

The band in Coos Bay about 2000
From left to right:
Mike Starr/John Moore/Bob Schulz/Jim Maihack/Jim Rothermel/Scott Anthony/Bill Maginnis
Photo by Donna Courtney