Bob Neighbor

Bob's musical history goes back to his early teenage years in the Bay Area. He grew up in Oakland, and began playing trumpet as a teenager. His earliest jazz band work was with Robin Wetterau's Great Pacific Jazz Band at the Monkey Inn in Berkeley. Bob was one of the original members of Dick Oxtot's Oakland Athletics Jazz Band with Bob Mielke, Bill Napier, John Moore, and others.

Bob worked in the very first Earthquake McGoon's at the foot of Broadway in San Francisco as Turk Murphy's lead trumpet early in the 1960's for a number of years. He was with the band when Lou Watter's "came out of retirement" for the anti-Bodega Bay nuclear power plant benefit concerts.

Bob was the GGRM's original Cornet/Trumpet player when it began in 1982. He moved to Chicago in 1987 with his wife Sue when his Art Director's job was transferred there. From 1987 until a few years ago he has filled in for Bob Schulz in the band at various times. He also played with a number of other bands of various sizes in Chicago. Bob has since retired and he and Sue bought a wonderful farmhouse with many acres of land in central Vermont. He has retired from playing jazz but plays various horns in local concert bands.