"Wise Guys Down In Dixieland"

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Scott Anthony - Leader/Banjo/Pedal Bass/Vocals
Jim Rothermel - Reeds
Bill Maginnis - Drums/Vocals
John Moore - Tuba
Bill Carroll - Tuba ("Lydia, The Tatooed Lady")
1AvalonAl Jolson & Vincent Rose(1920)3:46
2Indian Love CallRudolph Friml(1924)4:02
3The Empty Gin Bottle BluesJ. Rothermel(1964)4:31
4Careless LoveMusic by W. C. Handy Words by M. Koenig & Spencer Williams(1921)4:47
5I'll Be A Friend With PleasureMaceo Pinkard (1930) 3:11
6My Gal SalT. Dresser(1905)3:27
7Wise Guysattrib to Turk Murphy(1954)4:04
8WhyMorton-Werac(1938) 4:16
9At A Georgia Camp MeetingKerry Mills(1897)3:04
10Ory's Cruel Alto(aka Ory's Cruel Trombone) - Edward Kid Ory(1927)1:57
11Tishomingo BluesSpencer Williams(1917)4:28
12Riverboat ShuffleDick Voynow & Hoagy Carmichael(1925)5:06
13Lydia, The Tatooed LadyE. Y. Harburg - Harold Arlen(1939)3:58
14Wabash BluesRingle-Meinkin(1921)4:02
16Creole SongUnknown(unknown)3:44
17The Curse Of An Aching HeartHenry Fink & Al Piantadosi(1913)3:46
18HomeHarry Clarkson, Jeff Clarkson & Peter Van Steeden(1931)5:08
19Sweet Georgia BrownBernie-Pinkard(1925)3:23
Total Time: 79:10