Jim Maihack

Jim hails from the midwest where he was born in Rock Island, Illinois in 1935. He started playing accordian when he was 6. During high school and after he played part-time for dances and parties.

Jim formed his first band in the late '50s, the Dixie Lads Jazz Band with Bill Allred, Stan Black, and Don O'Dette (now the head of the Bix Beiderbecke festival in Davenport, Iowa). By this time he had taken up piano, trombone, and tuba, and for the next 10 years played with many groups on both piano and trombone, including Clyde McCoy and Smokey Stover.

In 1963 he moved to Sacramento, California, where he played piano and trombone part-time. He taught high school music for a couple of years and worked for the State as a computer programmer.

Late in 1969 Jim moved to San Francisco to join the Turk Murphy Jazz Band. He played tuba with the band for a few years and then did the intermissions until 1975. During his intermission stint, he had a band called the San Francisco Brass which filled in for Turk at Earthquake McGoon's when Turk's band went on tour.

Jim left San Francisco for sunny Florida in 1975 when he joined the Rosie O'Grady's Good Time Jazz Band in Orlando. There he played piano, banjo, trombone, and tuba, and was the leader of the band for a few years from 1977 to 1979.

Jim and his wife Wendy have been back in the Bay Area since then and have brightened up the music scene here for a long time. Jim's tour de force "Never Mind, I'll Do It Myself" is a wonderful CD (which took about 6 years to complete), showing Jim's musical genius on piano, banjo, clarinet (!!), trombone, tuba, and vocals (and probably more instruments lost in the array).